Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In an effort to expand into the DC area metro audience, here's a look at Georgetown's projection.
Last year they were the 389th best college football team in the nation (at 0-11, not very good for a school it's size). The Hoyas have 14 returning starters, didn't play in a playoff game, and didn't have a player lost in the NFL draft. However, I would caution that all the trends were set for teams in the top 50, not at 389th.
Still there's a projected 35% improvement, moving G-town up to 356th in the nation. More importantly, with the improvement, assuming a similar schedule, Georgetown projects to have 1.84 wins. 2-9? Definitely better than 0-11. Hoya Saxa!


  1. 34 talented freshmen join the Hoya's this year and that freshman class is reeking with enthusiasm. Fordham looks beatable this year, but due to double secret probation, wins against them don't really count. The first real barometer will be the Lehigh game. If the Fighting Saxas can hold down the Leopards, it may launch a big revival! BKLink

  2. 1-0 so far! Thanks in part to the 4 great players of Village C West floor 2