Monday, December 13, 2010

Bowl Predictions

Espn anchors were all putting their bowl predictions today, and while I like neither the bowl systems nor worthless games like Ohio vs Troy, I do like predictions so I'll join the fray. These predictions are a little different though, they're based off my original rating, so instead of a score they give a percent of winning. From most lopsided to least, here are this year's bowl predictions (in small print, I'm sorry, but that's the only way it fit):

Bowl Winner Pct Loser Pct
Fiesta Oklahoma 0.859 Connecticut 0.141
Las Vegas Boise St 0.834 Utah 0.166
Holiday Nebraska 0.802 Washington 0.198
Kraft Nevada 0.784 Boston College 0.216
New Mexico Brigham Young 0.775 UTEP 0.225
Capital One Alabama 0.759 Michigan St 0.241
Orange Stanford 0.746 Virginia Tech 0.254
Rose TCU 0.728 Wisconsin 0.272
Military Maryland 0.726 East Carolina 0.274
Hawai'i Hawai`i 0.691 Tulsa 0.309
Outback Florida 0.689 Penn State 0.311
BCS Champ Oregon 0.665 Auburn 0.335
Pinstripe Kansas St 0.655 Syracuse 0.345
Sugar Ohio State 0.654 Arkansas 0.346
TicketCity Texas Tech 0.652 Northwestern 0.348
BBVA Compass Pittsburgh 0.651 Kentucky 0.349
Meineke Clemson 0.627 South Florida 0.373
GoDaddy.Com Miami OH 0.625 Middle Tennessee St 0.375
St. Petersburg Louisville 0.622 Southern Miss 0.378
Insight Missouri 0.614 Iowa 0.386
Liberty Georgia 0.612 Central Florida 0.388
Independence Air Force 0.603 Georgia Tech 0.397
Gator Mississippi St 0.598 Michigan 0.402
Texas Illinois 0.597 Baylor 0.403
Humanitarian Northern Illinois 0.59 Fresno St 0.41
Armed Forces SMU 0.571 Army 0.429
Alamo Oklahoma St 0.555 Arizona 0.445
Little Ceasars Toledo 0.553 Florida Int'l 0.447
Champs Sports West Virginia 0.547 North Carolina St 0.453
Music City North Carolina 0.543 Tennessee 0.457
Cotton Texas A&M 0.539 LSU 0.461
Poinsettia San Diego St 0.528 Navy 0.472
Chick-fil-A Florida St 0.519 South Carolina 0.481
New Orleans Ohio U. 0.514 Troy 0.486
Sun Notre Dame 0.504 Miami FL 0.496

Some of these games are pretty set, but some (like the worthless Ohio vs Troy game) are pretty much tossups. Fortunately though, it's pretty easy to know what to expect. Adding the expected wins I should expect to get 22.53 games right. The standard deviation is 2.78 wins, so I can be pretty certain that I will get between 20 and 25 games right (inclusive). Only time will tell for sure.

P.S. I accept challengers. Keep track on your own and let me know.

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