Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game 7

And so, the last game of the NBA season is upon us. It has seemed crazy, but the two teams left at the end are the two that on day 1 many thought would be there: the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. Unlike two years ago though, this series has hinged on the play of many of the role players. Rajon Rondo led Boston's "Big 3" out of the nursing home and into the finals. Andrew Bynum's stellar first 3 games brought the Lakers a 2-1 lead, but Glen "Big Baby" Davis slobbered the Celtics back into the driver's seat as the series headed back to LA. Tuesday though, Kendrick "Jumbo Muffin" Perkins's injury resulted in a resounding Boston defeat. So now there's game 7 to decide it all. Which is kinda strange, because one play can make so much difference. What Kobe Bryant's legacy depends on a Ron Artest 3 at the end? Could one 'Sheed outburst forever put a black mark over the era of Boston's Big 3? Like in any game, the chance and luck play a big role. Running only the first 6 games of this series in the Power Rankings, I got the following Power Rankings:
Lakers 1.45
Boston 0.69
That means that after including home court advantage for the Lakers, there is a 75.9% chance the Lakers win tomorrow. Which isn't that far off from the 69% chance they had at the beginning of the series. So it really does all come down to one game. Let's just hope Ron-Ron's a little off.

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