Saturday, April 16, 2011

True Hoop First Round

TrueHoop once again is running their true hoop challenge, and well I'm not officially a participant (someday...) I'm still going to put my predictions out there (which were done before today, just posted late):

Bulls over Pacers in 5
Magic over Hawks in 5
Celtics over Knicks in 5
Miami over 76ers in 5

Spurs over Grizzlies in 5
Nuggets over Thunder in 6
Mavs over Blazers in 5
Lakers over Hornets in 5

Yes it's bland, but that's what all the math says. None of the series' are close enough to be expected to go to 7 (although it's probably that at least one will), and only the Nuggets are set for an upset.

Also of note, my first three (okay, really two) articles outside of Kobe, Tell Me How My Stats Taste! The TeamRankings one has good math, and the ESPN one has good comments.

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