Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Ten Divisions?

The Big Ten conference just announced it's new divisions which, due to a clear lack of geographic convenience, must be an attempt to maintain competitive balance. But how balanced are they? Lets look at the past six years of results for all 12 teams.

Rank Team Avg Score
1 Ohio State 681.34
2 Penn State 403.06
3 Iowa 243.64
4 Michigan 225.04
5 Wisconsin 219.97
6 Nebraska 211.77
7 Michigan State 153.51
8 Purdue 145.94
9 Minnesota 116.91
10 Northwestern 89.68
11 Illinois 67.76
12 Indiana 50.5

One division is Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois and Indiana, which is an average rating of 176. The other division has an average rating of 162, which overall is impressively close, especially when adding in expected Michigan improvement (from tradition) and compensating for my systems surprisingly low ranking of Northwestern (who repeatedly preforms poorly in non-conference games). An impressive job by the Big Ten conference, and I look forward to the annual Iowa-Ohio State championship game.

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