Friday, September 24, 2010

Games of the 25th

I have a new alternative ratings system in the works, and while probably not being quite as good, it does have the advantage of predicting actual scores. While it's not ready to debut totally yet, here are some forecasts for tomorrow.

Stanford 50 @Notre Dame 25
Stanford has the best offense in the nation, and is gonna put it on display again tomorrow against a mediocre Notre Dame defense.

@Iowa 38 Ball State 10
Another very uneven battle between with an Iowa team eager to avenge it's loss.

Central Michigan 10 @Northwestern 9
Two good defenses could put on a show tomorrow.

Holy Cross 12 @Georgetown 0
Might be a rough homecoming for Georgetown.

Alabama 31 @ Arkansas 12
Alabama shows why it's in the national title hunt.

With just a few games to rely on, and just a few hours of work on the new ratings, these picks are kinda rough still. I don't believe the Northwestern one, or that Holy Cross's defense is that good. Still maybe the numbers know more than I do.


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