Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game of October 30th

Will this Halloween's undeadfeated have the blood sucked out of their title runs, or will they rise again this weekend? Predictions for a spooky Saturday:

Iowa 29 Michigan St 23
If the Hawkeyes really are a top level team, this Saturday is their time to show it.

Nebraska 27 Missouri 26
The Tigers big win last week was at home. This time they have to travel.

Stanford 40 Washington 27
It would be nice if the Cardinal's cornerbacks showed up this week, but either way the offense should get the job done.

Northwestern 28 Indiana 26
The Iniana Hoosiers got no D, but can the Wildcat O take full advantage?

Oregon 37 USC 30
Some think USC can win, and the Trojans are good. But Oregon is really, really good.

Fordham 28 Georgetown 16
A win here would definitely improve the G-town football's chances of survival this off-season. However, unless the early season Hoyas show up it looks unlikely.

Last Week: 5-1 (the Hawks let me down)
Season: 19-12


  1. Win for Austin!! I bet it was the bieber fever

  2. OK Answer me ONE question! If you ranking system is soooooo accurate tell me one of the ONLY teams in ALL of football to beat two top ten teams?

    Well Einstien.... This team is not even in your top 25 WHY?? Who is it you say. WISCONSIN!

    Your ranking system is flawed!