Saturday, October 16, 2010

Games of October 16th-predictions

Some of these may already have happened, but I was busy winning at IM flag football last night (3-0! Don't worry, I'll post rankings). It's just math though, so there's no bias. Here are the games:

Iowa 32 Michigan 23
Hawkeyes should take this one in the Big House, but it's not looking great so far.

Nebraska 35 Texas 9
Lou Holtz and I agree, one of these teams is really good, the other not so much.

Auburn 28 Arkansas 25
Two weeks ago the SEC battled for the best team, last week it was a game for second. Is the winner here the third best? Auburn's home field puts them overtop.

Oregon St 35 Washington 28
The Huskies will keep it closer than expected, but a win might be asking too much.

Georgetown 23 Bucknell 7
This is already in progress though, and the Hoyas need a comeback to prevent Bucknell's first win of the season.

Ohio State 31 Wisconsin 21
Although they're an undeserving number 1, the Buckeyes should still win this one.

Last Week: 3-3
Season: 12-7

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