Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend's Games

Again, it's late, but still, it's unbiased. Here's this week's predictions, and I'm feeling like they're better than last week.

Iowa 29 Wisconsin 20
John Clay may have his hands full trying to deal with the Hawkeye defense.

Stanford 48 Washington St 13
Really? The Cougars are a Pac-10 team? Perfect game for this week's homecoming.

Michigan St 35 Northwestern 27
Not really. Actually I predicted Michigan St 28 Northwestern 15, which isn't too far off.

Missouri 30 Oklahoma 24
Upset Alert! This week's "number 1" is also in danger of going down.

Auburn 36 LSU 28
More SEC battles? When will it stop! There's no way both overrated teams can lose here, but LSU still can finally.

Sacred Heart 22 Georgetown 21
Well, I got this one right already. Which is good news for me, bad news for Allison (my sister).

Last Week: 2-4, a disappointment
Season: 14-11

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