Friday, November 26, 2010

BCS Week- If We Had Playoffs

What would the playoffs look like if my proposal was in place today?
Because all 4 undefeated teams are in the BCS top 6, the 6 teams selected for the playoffs are just the BCS's top 6, in order.
4-Boise State

Oregon and Auburn would get first round byes, then TCU would play Stanford and Boise State LSU in the first round. Here are the odds of each team making it to various rounds:
Into Semis Into Finals Champion
Oregon 1 0.514 0.29
Auburn 1 0.295 0.085
TCU 0.503 0.355 0.174
Boise St 0.784 0.431 0.263
LSU 0.216 0.054 0.017
Stanford 0.497 0.349 0.17

Oregon would be the favorite thanks to the bye, with Boise St. right behind them. TCU and Stanford are fairly equal, and Auburn would have an outside shot. LSU would just enjoy getting to the playoffs.
This post wraps up BCS week, and it's time to move on and figure out how Auburn keeps winning. Plus, it's time for some basketball. Anyways, I hope everybody has enjoyed a full week of posts.

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