Thursday, November 25, 2010

BCS Week- Playoff Proposal

So I've criticized the BCS, talked about the computers, and even done some research on playoff systems. If we're gonna get rid of the BCS though, we need a solid system to replace it. Here is what I think would be the best playoff system:

A Six Team Playoff
This is good in that it often selects the best team (yesterday's post). It also is small enough that other bowl games could exist around it, with it's five games being the same the BCS currently has. Most importantly though, it maintains the importance of every game in college football. Even the best team in the nation can't afford to lose a game and drop it's bye.

All Undefeateds Get In
If a team wins all of it's games, they've done all they can. All undefeated teams deserve a shot at the national championship. This doesn't disrupt the six team part normally, the most undefeated teams ever before was five. If there are more than seven undefeated teams though, the playoffs should be expanded.

A BCS Style Ranking Fills In The Rest
The BCS isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. Swapping out the computers will help make it better too. Usually there will be few undefeated teams, so the top 6 teams in the nation should get it, as determined by the BCS. The ranking system should also select the top two teams to get byes. There will be argument over this, but unlike the BCS angered teams will have a chance to put their money where their mouth is.

No Automatic Conferences
All teams are FBS teams already, all of them deserve to be treated equally at this point. Sorry SEC, I know you're whining. You're not one of the two best this year anyways.

That's it. It's not an overly complex system, it's basically just the NFL conference playoffs. Fingers crossed that someone from the BCS reads this and agrees. Unfortunately though, it looks like we might be stuck for the time being.

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