Saturday, November 6, 2010

Games of November 6th

After a spectacular week to finish off October (6-0!!) brought the system's prediction percentage way up on the year. This week brings equally important games though with only a few regular season games left. Here's your winners for this week:

Stanford 30 Arizona 23
One of the nation's best offenses against one of the nation's best defenses. And I'll be sitting in the front row.

Iowa 39 Indiana 15
Iniana still has no D. The Hawks should kick butt, even at Indiana.

TCU 29 Utah 24
I've been saying for a while that TCU's the best team in the country. This is their time to show it.

Penn State 24 Northwestern 11
Northwestern has struggled recently in the Big Ten, and it appears it may continue tomorrow.

Alabama 22 LSU 15
Both of these teams are legitimate title contenders. One of them will go down. It will be LSU.

Oregon 50 Washington 17
This is just to make Stan feel sad.

No Georgetown game this week! Finally I don't have to pick them to lose!
Last week: 6-0
This season: 25-12

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