Saturday, November 13, 2010

Games of November 13th

There are many possible upsets this week, but there are few big time match-ups. Oregon-Cal and Auburn-Georgia both line up as possible upsets, but neither is likely. Because I don't want to just pad my stats, they're good enough anyways, this week we'll be going with what should be even games.

Iowa 29 Northwestern 12
This one shouldn't be close, but it does make me nervous. If the Hawks lose again it'll be a lost season, and I'm on the record as saying the Wildcats get no more wins this season.

Stanford 34 Arizona St 25
I heard the line for this game is 5 points? Somebody should call Uncle Leo and go make some money on it.

Florida 28 South Carolina 20
The Gators? In The Swamp? SEC East champions.

Arizona 32 USC 27
At least with 6 wins the Trojans are bowl eligible. Oh wait...

Utah 29 Notre Dame 23
Nobody cares about Notre Dame anymore.

Lehigh 29 Georgetown 13
Sorry Al. Hoya Saxa?

Last Week: 5-1
This Season: 30-13

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