Sunday, November 7, 2010

College Football Top 25 11/7

Many teams with high rankings went down on Saturday (from the Big 12 largely), and there's bound to be some BCS turnover tomorrow. By counting each game equally however, there's less movement in the computer system. Some shifting has happened though, and more notably those on top have widened their gap over the field. Here's this week's top 25:

3Boise St80580.0133.61
6Ohio State81371.9529.62
10Oklahoma St81239.0656.87
15Texas A&M6320264.34
17Oregon St44186.47152.26
19Southern Cal63182.3988.3
21Florida St63168.0846.25
22Virginia Tech72166.3638.74
25South Carolina63142.5667.9

TCU has made it clear that they are the nation's number one team, and they've been joined by Oregon and Boise St. in the top three for three consecutive weeks now. Auburn still sits at 12, but will have a chance to show over the next two weeks whether it belongs in the top tier or not. The Stanford Cardinal have also made an impressive showing recently and are again a top 5 team after dominating a good Arizona team.
Other teams of interest:
48 Texas 4 5 62.17 65.09
51 Iowa St 5 5 59.48 79.42
63 Washington 3 6 43.6 171.06
70 Northwestern 6 3 33.93 21.22
415 Georgetown DC 3 6 0.54 0.82

I'm starting to feel bad for Jimmy and his Wildcats. Northwestern had a big lead over Penn State before reality came crashing down on them. They might not win again this year.

How will the BCS look later today? Here's the No MoV top 10:
Rank Team W L Rating SOS
1 Auburn 10 0 30.19 7.54
2 LSU 8 1 28.35 9.64
3 TCU 10 0 25.28 6.32
4 Oregon 9 0 24.54 6.13
5 Oklahoma St 8 1 24.16 8.21
6 Boise St 8 0 23.62 5.9
7 Nebraska 8 1 23.25 7.91
8 Stanford 8 1 23.25 7.9
9 Missouri 7 2 21.72 10.05
10 Oklahoma 7 2 19.73 9.13

Auburn will still be atop all of the computer polls, but Oregon has enough of a lead in the human polls to still be number 1. Then it should be TCU, then Boise St. especially with the new voter polls today (somehow TCU's win benefitted Auburn. Voters are way too biased against small conferences). After those top 4, things start to get tricky. LSU should be next, and could actually be in a position to leap frog the two non-AQ teams. Then Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Stanford should be next, but only Nebraska has a real shot of going to the national championship game (it ranks highly in the computer polls, and has could win a high profile Big 12 championship). Once again though, if the season were to end today the best team in the nation would be on the outside looking in.

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