Friday, November 26, 2010

Games of November 26th/27th

It's still the end of BCS Week, and the middle of Thanksgiving weekend, but it's time to predict the games that are happening this weekend. Seeing as I'm home in Iowa, I'm also including my dad's predictions (in italics).

Iowa 33 Minnesota 14
Iowa 29 Minnesota 9
The Hawkeyes should finally be able to safely win a game.

Stanford 37 Oregon St 21
Stanford 44 Oregon St 17
There won't be any home fans because we're all on turkey break, but the Cardinal will still take care of business.

Alabama 32 Auburn 25
Alabama 21 Auburn 17
This is the game I've been looking forward to for a month. The game where Boise St. makes it to the championship.

Oklahoma St 34 Oklahoma 33
Oklahoma 36 Oklahoma St 30
These two Big 12 juggernauts are battling for the state and conference title. With a good win, Ok St could thrust itself into the BCS spot light.

Arkansas 30 LSU 25
Arkansas 28 LSU 24
I don't like picking two SEC teams, but this is another great game that will likely have an upset.

Wisconsin 34 Northwestern 16
Wisconsin 42 Northwestern 21
In a way this is the 7th game this week because I was busy picking so many close ones. It probably won't be close, but maybe Northwestern can pull an Iowa on them.

East Carolina 38 SMU 36
SMU 38 East Carolina 28
Replacing the Georgetown game, this one is for my uncle Mark. SMU, his alma mater will have a shootout today at East Carolina.

Last Week: 5-1 (A return to normalcy)
This Season: 37-18

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  1. Not a very good week for predictions...