Thursday, May 6, 2010

All NBA Teams - Youth Movement?

The announcement of this years All-NBA team may be heralding officially something that's we've witnessed over the last couple of years: A new brand of stars. Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, and Kevin Durant are all players that are just reaching the prime of their careers, while older stars like Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady are fading out of the picture. The new generation of stars might make you suspect their are now fewer previous all-NBA honors among this year's crew. In fact , the opposite is true. Here are the number of previous all-NBA awards by all-NBA team by year:
Year 1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team Total
2010 23 22 14 59
2009 27 19 17 63
2008 21 24 11 56
2007 28 11 11 50
2006 28 13 9 50
2005 29 7 13 49
2004 31 7 4 42
2003 29 15 4 48
2002 19 18 2 39
2001 16 6 29 51
2000 16 19 9 44
Average 24.27272727 14.63636364 11.18181818 50.09090909
So there is actually more all-NBA experience in these last two years than in any other? That's because the former first team players with all the experience are moving down to the second or third team to make room for the new stars, just like Tim Duncan this year and Shaq last year. The last time this happened? The end of the Jordan era stars; just look at the 2001 third team which included Karl Malone, David Robinson, and Gary Payton. Similar to the 2002 first team of Jason Kidd, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan and McGrady, the 2010 crop provides a bright future for the NBA.
Also, props to the Los Suns for making a statement with their jerseys, and to Gareth Thomas for making one with his openness. What? It's like this blog has a social conscience or something. That's what you get with a california education.

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