Monday, May 3, 2010

Second Round Predictions

Running the second round games, with the same home court advantage, I end up with the following:
Cle-Bos: Cleveland in 5
Orl-Atl: Orlando in 5
Phx-SAS: San Antonio in 6
LAL-Utah: Utah in 6
You may or may not point out that Cleveland, Utah, and even kind of San Antonio have me in trouble. I just say that it's proof that I don't just make these up, and it really is the math (if you want actual proof I guess I can put it up, but that's a lot of math).
As a non-math biased basketball fan, I personally would've said Cavs in 5, Magic in 5, Lakers in 6, and Spurs in 7. I think more so than any other team, my Power Rankings underestimate the Lakers because it's an average of all games, while the Lakers have the skill to turn it up another level that we haven't seen all season (this may be going on with the Celtics also).
Note: For those of you questioning the Lakers over Utah pick, the computer only has Utah winning 50.2% of the time. So I'm not super optimistic about a comeback.


  1. The only way I can see Utah coming back is because Phil Jackson didn't learn anything from the series with the OK Sonics and continues to have Derek Fisher's old, fatigued body guarding Deron Williams...and have Ron Artest shoot random three's from the baseline

  2. Your predictions are obviously wrong since Phoenix is going to win it all.