Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thank you Tyler Dawson for pointing out the failures of me.
"I enjoyed your blog post about the statistical likelihood of a sweep going into the second round, but like it even better now that there were 3 sweeps in this round."
Tyler Dawson is very smart.

It's true though, not only have the sweeps gone against my math, but so far I've gotten two out of three second round series' wrong, and am on pace to miss the third (what are you doing Lebron?!). Of course, I'd like to point out that I still had a 5% chance of a sweep for both the Lakers and the Suns. The Magic also had a 13% chance of sweep. That's missing the point though, because I still got pwned. At least the Blackhawks won (take that Darien and Stan!), so not all is wrong in the sports world.

Speaking of the Blackhawks, what are the odds that the Blackhawks win? Well, knowing what I know about hockey, and that they're in the semifinals, I'd say about about 25%. I guess it's hard to get really into hockey when you can't even ice skate. I'm just excited for my Byfuglien shirt.

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