Monday, May 3, 2010

First Round Predictions.

Running the numbers with a home court advantage of .6 (among equal teams home team wins 60% of the time) these were the first round predictions of my Power Rankings:
Cle-Chi: Cleveland in 5
Orl-Cha: Orlando in 5
Atl-Mil: Atlanta in 5
Bos-Mia: Boston in 7
LAL-OkC: LA in 7
Dal-SAS: SA in 6
Phx-Por: Suns in 7
Den-Utah: Utah in 6
That's right, all 8 series winners were right! Using the TrueHoop Stat Geek scoring system (5 points for winners, 2 for the right number of games) that's 46 points in the first round, which would put me in first place. What's that Hollinger? You say you're looking for an intern?
If so, please ignore my second round predictions. You'll see why in the next post.

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